I began making art in middle age after coming face-to-face with the realization that my successful career in business was leaving me empty, unfulfilled and miserable.   Buried deep inside I found a longstanding unexamined interest in the creative arts.   

Gradually, over some years, I accumulated experience in various art classes, and eventually found myself in graduate school. There I focused on developing my conceptual and technical skills as a painter of tight figurative realism.  My paintings conveyed complex narratives supported by classical and modern iconography, in the spirit of the Baroque era.  After graduating in 2007, I continued with this type of work until I began exploring the world of pattern, design and abstraction.   I yearned to get away from the rigid process I employed in my figurative work.  I wanted to work more spontaneously and with greater emotion. 

My experimentation has led me to this current “Puzzlements” series, which affords me the more continuously creative and instinctual process that I was seeking.  The basic building blocks of these works are jigsaw puzzle shapes that I have distorted.  As a realist figurative painter, I have long been fascinated by their inherently biomorphic qualities. Using this feature, the Puzzlements series lets me express my feelings and ideas in a dynamic way that also invites personal individual interpretations by viewers.

My work is in private collections in California, Wisconsin, Canada and Mexico.  It has been featured in group shows around California. My studio is in Santa Cruz, CA